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Content Marketing Art Of War

Posted on: 04/18/2013

I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking at the Digital Marketing for Business conference earlier this week. It was a great event… and I’m not just saying that because Centerline was the sponsor.

It was great because the organizers — Phil Buckley and Lawrence Harte — focused on getting speakers who would provide take-aways attendees could immediately put to use in their own marketing efforts. The presentations were laden with value paid forward (which, of course, is one of the tenets of good content marketing).

It was great because the volunteers — Nikol Murphy, Matthew Zaffina, Natalia Mitin, Ben Meredith and so many others — pulled off the near impossible: Making a first-time event run smoothly. Seriously. Technical glitches were well hidden (if they happened at all), sessions stayed on time and the social media voice of the conference layered on knowledge… not just a bunch of retweets. As the prime sponsor, they made us look good. And for that, we’re infinitely appreciative.

Below, you’ll find the presentation I gave: Content Marketing Art of War. It was a fun presentation to give. And I think I accomplished my only real goal: To give people content marketing ideas they can put to use. Thanks to everyone who attended my session!

John Lane – Centerline – Content Marketing Art Of War – 04.13 from Centerline Digital

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