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December Three for All: Ideas, Trends, and Inspiration

Posted on: 12/18/2012

Rather than break down each of the spectacular pieces individually this month, I’ve decided to discuss them as whole. This month we will be looking at how combination can add deeper meaning to a story.

What makes these commercials feel so fresh and captivating is the element of combination. Through a mix of montage and compositing they tell a story… bringing a multitude of elements together in order to tell a cohesive tale.

In the Morgan Stanley piece we get a chance to experience two different visuals at the same time that combine to tell us a story. This adds a human touch and a sense of scale to the company. The piece creates an overall sense of trust and reliability that couldn’t be achieved if we only saw one image or the other.

NZ Herald uses its own medium as a storytelling device. The multiple layers of information that come across create emotional overtones that are more akin to poetry than an advertisement. The ad reaches out to its audience and harnesses a sense of community and togetherness. Feelings of tradition, nostalgia and togetherness come to mind as they set the animation within the printer itself.

Finally in O2 Priority Moments we get a magical sense of tangibility, and a unique perspective that draws us into the moment. Everything seems easier and worry free as we drift comfortably from one scene to the next.

Each of these ads perfectly harnesses technology to enhance their story and communicate to their audience. And each show the value in the creative process. These combinations of tangible, digital, and visual are the future of advertising. As it is getting harder and harder to capture and connect with your audience.

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