David Baeumler

Executive Creative Director

Part director, part writer, and the former lead singer of a touring punk rock band, you could say I have a different way of viewing the world. It’s a perspective that was sparked by growing up in a home filled with abstract art. And it was further honed by living in places like Vienna, Norway, Spain, Los Angeles, and Boston. All those different cultural inputs influence my unique way of capturing stories through the filmmaker’s lens.

My films are my way of exploring new ideas and using narrative as a tool to convey them — and they have been featured at festivals and galleries around the world. I put my passion to work daily at Centerline where I’ve written and directed thousands of customer testimonials, event videos, and product demo animations. In 1997, I was hired as the first employee at Centerline Digital. I feel fortunate everyday to be a part of a company that is innovative and passionate about exceeding clients’ expectations. At Centerline, my team and I blend experimental techniques with storytelling threads to deliver compelling pieces that ensure our clients are happy and successful.