Dante Passera

Creative Director/Interactive

My career as a creative professional began

when a brief stint as a working artist was followed by an even briefer stint as a starving artist. The idea of “selling out” to work in advertising loses some of its sting when your first adult paycheck allows you to indulge in the decadence of fresh produce and paying your heat bill during a Detroit winter. Fortunately, I found that I loved the challenge of thoughtfully using the creative arts to build brands and businesses. It’s like solving a puzzle with pieces that you get to make.

I’ve been fortunate to work in a series of forward-thinking, creative organizations that have continued to expose me to wider and deeper definitions of what it means to be a creative professional. Seeing how web technologies could turn my static designs into dynamic, interactive experiences was a watershed moment that served as a gateway into web and application development. Wanting to understand how I could use that power of design + development for the benefit of people led me into UX. Those varied interests and experiences have given me the ability to serve at different times as a Front End Team Lead, a Director of UX, and a Director of Design. Being able to see and work with the entire picture is rewarding and – frankly – a ton of fun.

Having that breadth of experience has given me the chance to partner with and lead an incredibly diverse and varied array of other human beings. Playing a part in their growth as professionals and people is an enormous responsibility and something in which I take a great deal of pride. It’s my mission to build the best team with the best people having the best time doing the best work for the best clients. I appreciate every opportunity I get to do that and look forward to doing something rad together.



Biggest Influence

Late '90s video games - "Wipeout 3" introduced me to cutting edge graphic design, and "Silent Hill" showed me how interactive multimedia could create a compelling, audience-driven narrative in a believable world. Also, Wendel Clark.

Triangle Go-To Spot

Oak City Meatball Shoppe

Proudest Career Moment

It's a tie: #1a: Building a successful UX department from the ground up. #1b Designing "Toby Bucks", funny money fired via air cannon into crowds on Toby Keith's "Big Dog Daddy Tour" presented by Ford Truck. Toby talked to me. He said, "They look good."

Favorite Centerline Work

Amplify Cognitive Concourse and IBM Z z14 launch.

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