Javier Leiva

Associate Creative Director

I’ve worked a lot of peculiar jobs…

which have shaped the creative I am today. My gig as a library page exposed me to the craziest characters (I’m not just talking about books—although those were cool, too.) As a standup comic, I learned to force myself to write every day. Being the opening act at several venues taught me how to deliver a line to a crowd with confidence. And my years behind a movie theater projector taught me to think with my eyes.

For 15 years, I’ve taken these lessons and applied them to marketing and advertising. I’ve won four Midsouth Regional Emmy awards, produced training videos seen by every Air Force recruit, and worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. As an Associate Creative Director, I’m responsible for understanding a client’s brand and target audience, knowing what tone and emotion to convey and when to push the creative further (and when to hold it back.) To me, the most important part of the job is inspiring our creative teams to produce the best work.



Biggest Influence

Steven Johnson, Jason Silva, Steve Martin, Luke Sullivan

Triangle Go-To Spot

Mami Nora's, Rise Biscuit & Donuts, Goodberry's Frozen Yogurt

Proudest Career Moment

Winning four Midsouth Emmy's for (and additional pro-bono) work on behalf of St. Jude/Ronald McDonald House.

Favorite Centerline Work

All the creative and strategic work we did for Watson IoT Building Forum in London and the Lowe's Blogger vs. Builder series.