Mike Delaney

Senior Art Director

I always love a challenge.

I am constantly in pursuit of the unexpected, that one idea that stands out among the rest. So much of creativity is about the ability to think around something instead of through it. On the other side there is the follow through, the execution.

At Centerline I am happy to exist right in the middle of those two worlds. I have the privilege and challenge of carrying that idea through its entire journey. Doing my best to achieve a creative mind meld with all the fantastic folks we have at Centerline and create the best work possible.


Raleigh, NC

Biggest Influence

There is too much good work out there to single out any individual creator. My influences change day to day and week to week. Music is the first creative thread I pull. My Spotify account is as close to a hoarders house as you can get in digital form. I’m constantly surfing Vimeo and stuffing as much into my creative trash compactor as possible.

Triangle Go-To Spot

The majority of weekends you’ll find me at Jubala at some point.

Proudest Career Moment

The first time a client cried because of something I helped craft. Specifically the first time they cried because they actually liked it.

Favorite Centerline Work

The Innovate Raleigh Series, PeopleDoc Explainer Series, Watson IoT Cognitive Building Event Assets. Though in reality my goal is to change this every year.