Creating a lead generation engine disguised as a website.

Centerline partnered with GE Water and Process Technologies to generate revenue by reimagining the online experience so it appealed to prospects at various stages in the buying cycle.

For GE Water & Process Technologies, the redesign led to an overall

$1M+ ROI

New qualified leads per month increased by 58%

The new website resulted in an average of

60,000 visitors per month

Increasing sales with a better user experience

Ge Water

Understanding the need for a redesign

GE Water and Process Technologies faced three key challenges:

  • They were pressed to migrate content hosted on a parent site that would soon expire.
  • Their existing website lacked marketing context and lead generating opportunities, as it spoke almost exclusively to existing customers.
  • Their overall web presence was disjointed, sending users to and from multiple sites for different types of content.

Identifying the reasoning of the challenges

To understand how we could solve these problems, we needed to perform stakeholder and user interviews. These interviews provided us with a deep understanding of user habits, needs and propensities to build a clear picture of the environment influencing multiple buyer’s journeys.

The stakeholder and user interviews

We crafted customized discussion guides based on secondary research and audience segmentation. We then facilitated interviews to gain a deep understanding of existing perception and usability barriers and how users consume information.

To create personas based on this research, we synthesized marketing goals in the context of user data and brought the research to life through the creation of four personas. These personas would then impact design, content placement and future marketing efforts, so each user personas’ needs were met.

Investigating Current Content to see where the gaps are

After performing an extensive content audit, we mapped GE’s product and solution portfolio, revealing extensive gaps in how users access critical content. These findings not only helped inform the new information architecture, they sparked internal discussions about how to better package their portfolio.

Building the architecture centered around the user

Our primary goal was to create a navigational structure that seamlessly connected users to the information they needed. In order to craft a re-envisioned site architecture, we:

  • Conducted a content audit to understand depth and breadth of information.
  • Performed analytics analysis to understand existing paths through content and validate interview findings.
  • Conducted a site architecture audit to identify gaps and dependencies in structure and web narrative.
  • Mapped a new site architecture based on personas, analytics data and marketing goals.
  • Tested the new labeling and navigation via remote usability testing.

Creating Content and UX Strategy

Based on our research and personas, Centerline defined the information needed on each page of the site, then designed the experience framework to guide users through the content. To craft a content and UX strategy, we:

persona a

Defined user goals and communication needs for each unique design template, then for each piece of content.

Sketched user interface wireframes that incorporate content logic, user needs, marketing objectives and usability best practices. We designed this experience on the Bootstrap responsive framework, allowing us to also prioritize content on mobile.

development interface

Wrote detailed development specs to assist our client in managing a third-party development vendor.

The final design

To reach all audiences at their varying moments of need, we created a flexible, responsive design layout that incorporated their design brand standards. We built the pipeline for lead generation through the creation of an intuitive content structure by deciding which content should live behind registration and where to place that within the page design. Ultimately, the final result seamlessly guided users to solutions and products.

website comp


The newly launched site included:

  • Fully integrated content from the GE parent site and information library, along with appropriate context to guide users along an exploratory path towards calls of action.
  • A simplified user experience that brings users to the desired solutions and products.
  • Carefully placed and non-intrusive lead generation opportunities.
  1. 250 warm inbound leads

    per month
    (up from zero prior to site launch)

  2. 60,000 visitors

    per month

  3. $1M+ROI

    for GE Water & Process Technologies

  4. 58% Increase

    in new, qualified leads per month

  5. 25 new deals

    added to the sales pipeline per month