Lowe’s Blogger vs. Builder Grade Bath Campaign

Creating an ecosystem of content with influencers

Case Study

The videos, combined, have been viewed more than

620,000 times,

Have nearly 3,000 likes and 130 comments

Home improvements are oftentimes daunting for homeowners. But with Lowe’s, these projects are not only approachable, they’re affordable too. DIY bloggers have also taken up the charge of home improvement on a budget. So when Lowe’s challenged a few notable DIY bloggers to remodel a bathroom on a tight budget, they welcomed it with open arms.

To continue to provide great how-to content that supports customers throughout their own home improvement adventures, Lowe’s teamed up with Centerline to showcase the fearless talents of three unique DIY bloggers. This series would reach a DIY audience through multiple channels, inspiring customers and boosting their level of confidence in completing their own home projects. Additionally, these bloggers would get the amplification effect of a big brand, helping them build follower loyalty and bring in new audiences.

The overall messaging

Lowe’s wanted to highlight the idea that DIY’ers don’t have to sacrifice the expanse and personality of their project due to a limited budget. To encourage customers that they can take on home improvements by themselves, three credible DIY bloggers delivered that message. They walked viewers through their individual bathroom projects, showing the ease and affordability of remodeling.

Who would Lowe’s be reaching?

These videos targeted novice to slightly experienced DIY’ers on a limited budget who have been inspired by magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but don’t know how to translate those ideas to their space and budget.

Pre-production process

Because we had a very limited time to work with each blogger, there was a heavy focus on pre-production to guarantee we captured everything we needed. We worked with the bloggers to design the bathrooms, created storyboards, determined what materials were needed and the logistics of the build of the sets, and finally prepared the shoot.

Another vital aspect of pre-production was ensuring each blogger could not only complete the project, but that the project lined up with the $1,000 budget, as the limited budget was such a key part of Lowe’s messaging.

Learn more about this process in our behind-the-scenes video:

Reaching greater audiences with the message

To reach more audiences with one overall message, this campaign was delivered in various forms and lengths, through several different mediums, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook. We were able to repurpose the anchor videos in different ways in order to promote it through those various channels, allowing Lowe’s to connect with audiences where they live online, all from the same original pieces of content. The final concept consisted of three less-than-five-minute videos, 15-second video cutdowns, graphics and social photos.


The videos encouraged the DIY audience that, with some imagination and the help of Lowe’s, they too could complete similar home improvement projects themselves – even with a limited budget. By giving viewers the confidence they needed to take on DIY projects, Lowe’s was able to generate awareness and build customer loyalty with both existing and prospective customers. In return, working with Lowe’s helped these three bloggers grow their audience and build their own credibility in the blogging and DIY world.