Adam Mittner

Group Art Director

Since a young age

I have loved storytelling and technology. My goal was to become a 3D artist, but I hit a slight snag. In the words of a post-production professor, “everyone in this room is creative, artistic, and has a story to tell, but you are learning how to shoot and edit video because you can’t draw.” I edited my first short film in 9th grade and the rest is history.

The most challenging and rewarding thing about this industry is that it is constantly evolving. I work hard to maintain my status as an expert in video and post-production technology, always researching and pushing to find innovative ways to make Centerline better. The members of my team are extremely skilled, experienced, and just as driven. My expectations for them are almost as high as their expectations for themselves, and that’s how we do amazing, thought-provoking work.


Carnegie, Pa.

Biggest Influence

Personally—my father, who supported my passions and taught me that you can build anything. My mother, a 35-year project management vet, who taught me the importance and intricacies of that role. My wife and kids who constantly keep me in line and make me a better person. Creatively—George Lucas, Steven Speilberg, John Carpentier, Ridley Scott, different films through the decades. I love all genres.

Triangle Go-To Spot

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, White Street Brewery, parks for the kiddos (honestly, anywhere I can take my four kids.)

Proudest Career Moment

I was the Art Director on the IBM PureSystems launch a few years back, which was great - but the coolest part for me was that we decided to actually use a PureSystems ourselves for storage. I was able to serve as the technical implementation lead, overseeing the integration and installation of the new servers. I was really proud to be featured in an IBM customer testimonial video on our usage and to present our story at IBM’s Edge2013 conference!

Favorite Centerline Work

Honestly, there are too many to name and singling one out is almost impossible! It was pretty cool to meet one of the architects of the IBM PureSystems (he spent a year designing the cable layout for the rack). He was the same person that helped us configure our brand new render farm made up of some crazy powerful IBM hardware. On that same launch, we also got to film in a brand new, basically empty datacenter which is virtually unheard of!