Ashley Wentz

Senior Client Engagement Director

I’ve always been intrigued by the power of communication

and how stories shape and distinguish brands from one another. During the early part of my career, I worked on developing brand strategies and marketing campaigns in the music and fashion industries. My previous roles required me to conduct need assessments and identify development opportunities to help teams excel in communicating brand stories in a dynamic way, while creating a connected customer experience through the use of traditional and digital media.

Today, I use my passion for creating memorable customer experiences to help Fortune 500 companies develop and execute brand-aligned marketing plans. As an Account Director at Centerline, I operate at the intersection of digital communication, brand strategy, customer experience and business development. My type-A personality ensures that no project details are overlooked, while my background in crafting multi-channel marketing strategies combined with corporate brand development enables me to serve as a bridge between business goals and customer expectations.


Greenwich, Conn.

Biggest Influence

My mom and dad, whose love and support drives me to always be open to new challenges. The incredible, strong women I'm fortunante to call my friends. The people who told me no or said I couldn't do it (thank you, by the way).

Triangle Go-To Spot

Wine Authorities, Bida Manda, Raleigh Raw, Centro & Gallo Pelón, Clockwork, Vivace

Proudest Career Moment

At 21, convincing my college dean to waive my last few college credit hours so I could graduate early and accept a position working for Johnny Cash's booking agent.

Favorite Centerline Work

IBM LinuxONE Brand Launch & Partnership, Mainframe50, Engines of Progress