Brian Pace

Senior Art Director

I’ve always liked creating things

I was always drawn to art and had the good fortune of hitting my stride just as computers and digital technology were becoming faster, cheaper and more widely used. I loved combining video and graphics to make things move, and the first time I saw my work on the “big screen” was probably the greatest moment of my career to date.

At Centerline, we’re constantly coming up with ways to innovate and stay ahead of trends in spite of limitations in technology. I rarely get the impression that things are stale; there’s always a new challenge to tackle. I guide our creative teams along through the journey of each project, making sure they use their talents wisely and efficiently. Although, they’d probably say I mostly use my ninja-like skills to sneak up behind them and watch their work in progress.


Charlotte, N.C.

Biggest Influence

My dad and my grandfathers all had a huge impact on who I am today. Growing up with MTV and the explosion of the video game console. Musically, the founders of hip-hop like Beastie Boys, ATCQ, Outkast. Movies like "The Neverending Story", "Labyrinth" and the original "TRON."

Triangle Go-To Spot

It's slightly outside the Triangle, but I'm really into exploring the town of Wendell, N.C., with my wife, son and dogs.

Proudest Career Moment

It's a tie between the Superbowl spot I worked on and an animation that played in Times Square.

Favorite Centerline Work

The video we created for Citrix to explain the company's vision for the future.