Charles Long

Founder & CEO

As the founder of Centerline

I consider myself fully accountable for the creative direction and quality of content that Centerline delivers. But my true expertise is problem-solving — specifically using both the right and left sides of my brain to find creative solutions to big business issues. Here at Centerline, we combine strategy and media elements to create compelling, immersive experiences that generate traffic and awareness. The chance to do that better every day keeps me coming to work.

Before founding Centerline in 1996, I was a power generation engineer for General Electric, providing energy solutions in developing countries of the Pacific Rim. Today I continue to expect the unexpected and work to always raise the bar for what we deliver to our clients.


Albany, N.Y.

Biggest Influence

Traveling the globe for GE right after college.

Triangle Go-To Spot

Supporting the Carolina Hurricanes. Being outdoors at Umstead and other Raleigh-area parks.

Proudest Career Moment

Seeing Centerline become recognized as a leader in marketing and watching us become competitive to larger, more established agencies.

Favorite Centerline Work

One of my favorites—and a throwback—was the Ericsson "Make Yourself Heard" campaign. Getting to film players at Ericsson Stadium (now the Bank of America Stadium) was incredible.