Elizabeth Monnett

Account Manager

When I was younger

my dad used to take apart our family’s tower computer every night so that we couldn’t use the internet unless he was around. Unfortunately for him, he had a highly curious daughter who didn’t understand that computers were delicate or expensive. I spent my afternoon experimenting with CD drives and fans and hard drives, exhilarated by having a complex puzzle with a great, big, unfettered prize at the end of it. From there on out, I was hooked on technology, the internet and figuring out how things worked.

Over time, I turned from understanding how computers work to how people think and I fell into advertising. I have made my career one that revolves around sharing my love of all things digital with those who just don’t know they love the internet…yet! I pride myself on translating complex technology to the everyman through whatever medium works best.

At Centerline, I am on the front line with clients. I strive to understand their business, their goals and what makes them excited about marketing. I work hard to ensure that their vision comes to life in what our creative teams produce and I love every second.

If I am not at my desk, I can be found at home yelling at new homebuyers on HGTV while my cat (and my fiancé) look on in horror.


Charlotte, N.C.

Biggest Influence

My dad, who taught me the power of words and a well-reasoned argument (and was patient enough to let me practice the latter on him throughout my teenage years.)

Triangle Go-To Spot

Lynnwood Brewing Concern, Fresh, Stanbury, La Farm, Bida Manda

Proudest Career Moment

The first time I challenged client work to get to a better end result. I knew then that I had a strong viewpoint, the confidence to express it and the determination to see it through to a great final product.

Favorite Centerline Work

Completing five videos for a World of Watson keynote on a tiny timeline and a big amount of uncertainty. Despite more than few late (late!) nights in the office with my team, I still felt like we kicked booty, got a great end product and had fun doing it.