Erin Craft

Vice President of Content & Creative

I guess you could say my background is pretty diverse

I double-majored in business management and microbiology. So, naturally, I took a year off after college to focus on photography and work with horses. When I decided to get a “real job,” there was a production/office assistant position open at Centerline. Over a decade later, and I’m still here—working to master the nuances of IBM’s business model as well as the marketing needs of the various (and plentiful) IBM divisions.

I love that we have the daily opportunity to switch between right- and left-brain approaches to solve communications challenges from a variety of different angles. At Centerline, we believe that forming strong partnerships with clients is the only way to achieve their marketing and business goals. So with my unique blend of experience, an eye toward creativity, a tight grasp on budgetary concerns and old-fashioned common sense, I guide accounts to measurable success.


Durham, N.C.

Biggest Influence

My Granny, Ms. Bell - my 6th grade English teacher and Ms. Duffner my high school journalism teacher.

Triangle Go-To Spot

Who are we kidding, I don't get out.

Proudest Career Moment

Partnering with IBM on Smarter Planet Brand Expression.

Favorite Centerline Work

National Instruments Product Taxonomy & Digital Transformation.