Josh O’Dell

Strategic Creative Director

I’ve always encouraged my children to think that weirdos are cool

mostly so they don’t shun me as they grow older. In truth, I find great value in the unapologetically different. Perhaps it’s a product of growing up in a small town where being a sore thumb was sometimes your best entertainment—though it took my time as a student, waiter, writer, filmmaker and marketer to learn what makes a sore thumb.

I’m proud to spend every day at Centerline finding the best way to make our clients stand out—addressing all the nuances of a successful piece of content. Therein, the creative process can be humbling, but I’m still a big fan. More importantly, I’m a fan of our clients. It’s that unique slant, finely-tuned process and client knowledge that allow this insanely talented group of people to concept, write, shoot, edit, design, strategize, and create assets like no one else can.

Sometimes those assets involve unicorns, but usually they don’t. How weird.


Strasburg, Colo.

Biggest Influence

David Letterman, Wes Anderson, De La Soul, Pete Dexter, Cormac McCarthy, Christopher Guest, Chris Farley, my siblings

Triangle Go-To Spot

Foster's, Ponysaurus Brewery, Fearington Farm (they have a great bookstore), Chubby's Tacos, Durham Museum of Life and Science, Sam's Bottle Shop

Proudest Career Moment

Waiting on Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Favorite Centerline Work

The creative challenge we did for Shelterbox, IBM Watson Trend video (aka "The Beauticorn").