Kelsey Atkins

Account Manager

My mom likes to lovingly tell people

that she knew I was born to be a marketer when I started carrying on full-blown conversations with complete strangers when I was 18 months old. She then jokingly (I hope!) adds that she “hasn’t been able to get me to shut up” since. I like to think this means I have an innate ability to engage with people and share stories, which is really what marketing is all about, right?

This drive to connect and communicate made my choice to major in Journalism and Mass Communications (specializing in public relations) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill a no-brainer. It helped me rack up priceless experiences during my time as a camp counselor and traveling abroad (little tidbit: I’ve visited more countries than I have U.S. states). And it allowed me to meet some fascinating folks along the way.

I’ve put my knack for storytelling and conversation as a means to build lasting relationships to work professionally as well. First, as a trade show and corporate event planner and, later, as the public relations and marketing specialist for a nonprofit hospital system in my hometown in eastern North Carolina. Then, I made the unorthodox decision to move from an in-house role to the fast pace of agency life and I haven’t looked back.

At Centerline, I work across the agency to develop strategic digital and content marketing recommendations and oversee the implementation and optimization of those programs for clients like IBM and ADP. My favorite feeling is when our team comes up with just the right mix of smart, innovative marketing strategy and kickass creative execution that will solve our clients’ challenges and help them meet their business objectives.


New Bern, N.C.

Biggest Influence

In no particular order: My mom and grandmother who taught me that it was cool to be the smart girl at the party (Topanga Lawrence & Hermione Granger helped with that as well); My brother and grandfather because they both have a knack for offering unfiltered (and often unsolicited) advice that's somehow always just what I need to hear; Albus Dumbledore, who reminds us that "it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."

Triangle Go-To Spot

Activities: State Farmer's Market, Pullen Park, Greenway Trails; Eating/drinking: Stanbury, Everything around Person Street, Poole’s, Death & Taxes, Fox Liquor Bar (really, Ashley Christensen can do no wrong), Sitti, Gonza’s Tacos & Tequila, The Haymaker, Trophy Brewing & Pizza.

Proudest Career Moment

Pulling together an entire integrated campaign (including a landing page + TV, radio, print, digital and social ads + PR and community outreach support) in just six weeks from presenting concepts to campaign launch. It was a Herculean effort, but it made me proud to see that the final outcome was not only creatively and strategically strong, the campaign metrics exceeded the results our clients were looking for.

Favorite Centerline Work

So far, it would be a "day in the life" documentary-style video profiling two ADP customer service associates. Our team did an amazing job at capturing the essence of the people we profiled and letting their personalities and passion really shine through.