Kristen Powers

Vice President of Client Services

I was immediately hooked

after I got my first taste of commercial and digital production at BBDO in Atlanta where I got to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. I’m a little schedule-obsessed, with a love for structure, so the need for organization and attention to detail suited my type-A personality just fine. But there’s another part of me that craves the creative mindset: collaboration, brainstorming and completely out-of-the-box thinking. In marketing, we have the opportunity to use strengths from both parts of the brain, which makes it an industry like no other.

Today, my focus is on building and maintaining strong internal and client relationships. At Centerline, I work to help my team read and understand our clients’ needs, and then go above and beyond to surprise and over-deliver for both existing clients and those on their first project. Producing beautifully creative work that effectively overcomes communication challenges is the best part of the job. That and working with some of the smartest, most creative people I know.



Biggest Influence

My dad infuencing my career, my mom influencing me as a parent, and now my kids influencing my perspective on almost everything. And my childhood hero, Anne of Green Gables (lame, I know).

Triangle Go-To Spot

Centerline, Happy & Hale at the Centerline booths, drinks at the Centerline bar

Proudest Career Moment

Seeing the first commercial I ever produced play during commercial breaks of American Idol (Adam Lambert's season!)

Favorite Centerline Work

ShelterBox--our 48 hour creative lab.