Rebecca Dole

Vice President of Agency Operations

There are few things I love more than a well-organized spreadsheet

although Post-it® notes, Sharpie® pens and amazing coffee are also high on my list of favorites. I started my career in graphic design, and worked in various marketing and communications roles in higher education prior to joining Centerline. Now that I live the agency life, I have the best of both worlds: working with creative and project management teams. And I wouldn’t trade the daily collaboration opportunities for a lifetime supply of Post-its.

My team has described me as “sassy with a sprinkle of Southern charm,” so I work hard to live up to their expectations. I also strive to be both a leader and a mentor. While I am constantly multitasking at work, the concept took on a whole new meaning when I became a working mom. At Centerline, I share my commitment and intense work ethic with my team so we can create compelling digital campaigns and assets that resolve our clients’ toughest communication challenges.


Mountain City, Tenn.

Biggest Influence

Although there have been many along the way (and I'm sure more to come), my parents are truly the greatest infuence in my life. My children are a close second, reminding me daily what's truly important in this crazy world.

Triangle Go-To Spot

Any and all hiking trails, NC Natural Science Museum, Joyner Park, Marbles and Defy Gravity (aka "the jump place" as my daughter Mackenzie calls it.)

Proudest Career Moment

Surviving my first all nighter to get a publication on the press by deadline. I'll never forget sitting in a tiny office with my designer, proofs all over the floor trying to make sure we caught every single update and that things were perfect. It was my first big initative/project -- I learned so much from the experience and it was a huge win when everything came together. I would also say juggling my first week back from maternity leave, both times. I've always wanted to have my cake and eat it too...and finding that balance of being a full-time mom and having a full-time career is something that I'll forever be grateful for.

Favorite Centerline Work

IBM PureSystems launch video (the one we did in about four days from client call to delivery), Mainframe50, and IBM Z z14.